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Does it matter where you buy your raw dog meat from? YES!

Why? Well welcome to what we refer to as the 4D’s, Dead, Diseased, Dying and Disabled.

Animal slaughter is the killing of animals, usually referring to killing of  domestic livestock for food, however they might also  be slaughtered for other reasons such as being diseased/disabled and unsuitable for human consumption.  On many occasions that cow with a broken leg, or the horse that needs put down because its lame have extreme inflammatory markers going on in their body as well as potential drugs used to help the animal first.  These are not suitable meats for your pets to eat!


What about dog kibble/biscuits?

The pictures presented on cans and bags of pet food conjure up images of a chef cooking divine meals of wholesome cuts of meat and vegetables for your beloved pet. Although this is a lovely idea, it is rarely the case, not only that dog food labels can be difficult to understand, their ingredient lists are loaded with cryptic names that can disguise the true identity of the ingredients, but I have simplified it down to 3 things to look for to know if you are investing in good food or fast food for your pet.


#1 Do not give any value to feeds made with meat meals or animal by products

When animals are slaughtered for food production, the lean muscle is cut off for human consumption. The remaining carcass (bones, organs, blood, beaks, carcasses, poultry waste, and feathers etc.) is what goes into pet food.  This rendering process becomes known as “meat meal “or “animal by product” and is used to make all kibbles and sold in Pet Care aisles all around the world….. it is no surprise that pet food made with these rendered meals contain little vitamins or minerals hence the need to throw synthetic vitamins into the food to make it “somewhat beneficial”.

#2 Give even less value to dog foods made with generic meat ingredients

Generic meat ingredients are those ingredients that do not identify the source animal for example instead of listing a specific protein source — like beef or chicken, generic ingredients disguise important details with words like… animal meat, poultry meat – is this really that important?

YES, rendered meats can basically come from virtually any part of an animal.

All rendered products are considered “unfit for human consumption.” If we shouldn’t eat it, either should our pets!  Rendered products typically have relatively high protein levels, however, the quality of those proteins is often questionable. In fact, these inferior protein sources are often unpalatable to pets and artificial flavours, or fats must be sprayed on the food in order to get pets to consume it!  Your pet isn’t silly without these flavour enhancers your pet would simply walk away.

purchase dog foods with quality meat

#3 ONLY purchase dog foods with quality meat listed at the top of the list!

Dog food companies make little effort to disclose the actual amount of meat that’s in a product. So, one way to get a reasonable idea on the amount of meat in a product is to pay attention to its relative position on the ingredients list. Dog food companies must follow the same ingredient listing guidelines as human food manufacturers:  INGREDIENTS MUST BE LISTED IN DESCENDING ORDER ACCORDING TO THEIR WEIGHTS

If your bag of Tux starts with wheat – then that is basically all you are feeding your dog! Notice the fancy advertising of meats and vegetables on your packaging  only to note the really healthy things listed  right at the end of the ingredient  list? Simply put it is this is clever marketing with no value to your pets health.


It is imperative you check the labelling on your dog food  – check out the first ingredients –  if you come across dog food that violates one of these simple rules above, walk away for your pet’s health.


Did you know – The American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the regulating body for pet food manufacturers across the world defines “natural” pet food as having ingredients from ONLY plant, animal, or mined sources. These foods cannot be highly processed or contain chemically synthetic ingredients, such as artificial flavours, preservatives, or colourings.


New Zealand made gourmet dog food

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