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Our Pet Food Otago Delivery Service


The Pet Bistro provides a top quality pet food delivery service through out OtagoOur real raw pet food is made with love and backed by nutritionists in the pet food industry so you know that every meal is packed with the correct nutrition and sent with love.

Ordering your favourite dog food is so easy & just a mouse click away, choose from our shop selection & get your raw pet food delivered fresh to your door,

We deliver throughout the entire Otago region including Dunedin Outramfairfield and Mosgiel. Wherever you are in Otago, our dog food delivery service will deliver it fresh & quickly.

The Pet Bistro is the company that loves pets just as much as you do so you know your only getting the best.


Dog Food Otago NZ

Your Dogs Health Starts at The Bowl

Not only is our Otago dog food packed with nutrition and value, it also comes in a variety of flavours and styles.

Otago dogs suffer from many allerigies and the first place you should look at is whats in the bowl? There are many dog food companys claiming there food is the best but many people dont realize whats in there dog food or how to read the labels. Thats why the team at The Pet Bistro has set out to educate people and arm them with knowledge that dog food companys in NZ dont want you to know. you can read more here

They will taste the difference from there first bite to there last, Simply hit the Shop Now button below, choose your favourite Otago pet food from our huge selection of real human grade food, and listen out for the door bell.


Did Your Know That Dry Dog biscuits could be hurting your Dog?

The idea is shocking to many dog owners: Their dog’s food can make there loved ones sick. All foods, whether intended for humans or pets, can be dangerous if they were improperly manufactured or stored. It’s interesting, however, how few people suspect their dog’s food when their dog becomes ill, especially if they have been feeding them the same food for years and years. Kibble or dry dog biscuits can be one of those culprit …….  

If the Food Doesn’t Look Right, It Probably Isn’t

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