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Medicine has its origins in ancient times and is well proven through the centuries, both with people and their animals. Animal doctors were not around so people had to rely on the herbs of the countryside to care for their precious farm animals. Homeopathy had its beginnings with Hippocrates ‘like cures like’ (-370 BC) but it wasn’t until Hahnemann (1755 AD) developed the system of succussion and dilution that a whole new dimension in healing power was created.

Combine these two powerful mediums and their synergy reaches new heights in providing safe and effective treatment for our animals.



New Zealand’s Trusted Animal Naturopath

 About Sarndra Urwin

Sarndra has been in practice for over 50 years, founding the New Zealand Holistic Animal Therapists Association and developing a Diploma course in Natural Animal Health. She is a well-known writer on natural animal health issues, publishing the ‘Desktop Guide to Flower Essences for Animals’, and is a popular feature on Magic National Radio Talkback Sunday Cafe.

Animal Naturopath Dip NAH (Hons) Dip CI.Hyp, HbT

Her Philosophy

She views health as a positive state, not just the absence of disease.
She views disease as an opportunity for transformation

Her Approach

Take time to listen to your story and plan to the individual pet needs.

Delivering a holistic animal treatment plan that is:

  • Focused on the individual
  • A team effort, supporting both owner and pet.
  • Using Registered ‘Practitioner-Only’ preparations with proven efficacy.
  • Addressing the pets’ physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • Seek the underlying cause so true healing can be achieved.

‘Sometimes it’s the smallest things that matter the most’


See Our range of animal homeopathic & herbal remedies

Our preparations are a result of over 40 years of trials in New Zealand, working with people and their animal companions to achieve the best outcome possible. White Tuis’ Animal Naturopath has the reputation, expertise, and experience in the making of these great remedies and care is taken to maintain quality control at all times. All White Tui preps are sourced from human-grade materials which are G E-free, non toxic and manufactured under strict scientific and ethical conditions. They will not interfere with conventional medical treatment.



Auckland Clinic & Dispensary

Animal Natural Health Orewa
Moana Court, 358 Hibiscus Coast Highway,
Orewa, Auckland 0931

Live outside of Auckland?

We can organise a phone consultation.

Call us 027 448 3322

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Hi I’m Bexs the owner and creator of The Pet Bistro, I have a passion for educating people on proper dog nutrition that leads to healthy pets. 

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Sarndra Urwin


Hi I’m Sandra The Pet Bistro naturopath. I have a passion for educating people on proper dog nutrition that leads to healthy pets. 

Sarndra Urwin

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