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In the wild dogs would eat raw prey and the contents of that preys stomach which would be partially digested.  We are recreating the dogs natural diet  – nature intended a diet which is easy for the body to digest, absorbing and utilizing all nutrients efficiently – our meals are  just as nature intended.

All dogs are different just like us humans – some eat way more than they should!  Our recommended diet is around 3% of your dogs weight – so for you little dogs out there weighing 6 kg or less you should be on  150 – 180 grms per day

10 kg  you should be on around 300 grams per day

20 kg and above   –  you should ideally eat  600 grams per day

Remember our dogs do not need feed like us humans – we have a tendency to over feed our pets treating them like a family member however you actually shorten your dogs life expectancy with over feeding.

Just like us dogs require a variety of food and nutrients for a balanced diet.  Vegetables and fruits are rich in fibre, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins not found in a meat alone diet.  Our selection of seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs have been carefully selected by our Pet Naturopath for helping prevent skin conditions, tummy upsets, cancer and other common ailments seen in our pets stemming from poor diets.

Yes!  However we do not ship to rural addresses due to couriers not being able to make these overnight, however we ship to most residential addresses across NZ overnight.

Yes – just like humans, dogs need a wide variety of meat, vegetables and fruit mixed with natural herbs to provide a well rounded diet. Most commercial dog food and biscuits have a long list of great sounding vitamins and minerals,  but did you know these are all synthetically added – without this addition commercial food would have no nutritional benefit.  The Pet Bistro believes all goodness and vitamins must come from real  food not synthetically added powders, so we have carefully formulated our ingredients to ensure vitamins and minerals are met naturally – just like nature intended.

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