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Bex Hill is the founder of The Pet Bistro. The dog food idea was born from health concerns for Lilly the families first pet. As a puppy Lilly came home from the pet store with a free months’ worth of kibble ( dog biscuits)  it seemed like a bargan at the time, however Lily  often had diarrhoea and was constantly scratching herself and visits to the Vet  found no solution.   One day over a cup of tea  Bex started looking closely at the ingredient list on  the dog food Lilly was eating – it was a large commercial brand,  very expensive, readily available at Pet Stores and Vets across NZ,  and cleverly marketed on TV.  What she found in the ingredient list shocked her – meat meal, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, synthetic vitamins and the list goes on.  Bex started thinking this is not what dogs would naturally eat in the wild and realized that our best friends  – our dogs were not designed to be eating a hard brown ball called kibble ( dog biscuits) that sit on a shelf for months in supermarkets, vet and pet stores and it was  this thought  that  compelled her to start making Lily a new  diet.

Dog Rolls

Bex  researched, designed and created a varied,  healthy nutritious  diet for Lilly using only things dogs would naturally forage for  in the wild such as  fresh vegetables and fruits, berries and herbs and added  human grade meat so that it was far better quality than anything on the market today.

After Lilly’s new real food diet began the change in her wellbeing was incredible.  Her previous health issues disappeared almost immediately, since that day The Pet Bistro has been serving friends and families dogs watching changes in skin conditions reverse, allergies disappear, coats become shinier, and dental issues disappear.   The outstanding success of Bex’s menu range  which was created just for Lilly then became the catalyst for The Pet Bistro and is now available to the discerning Pet parents who truly love their pets as one of their family, after all why should we be the only ones eating healthy?

The Paw-fect Solution

We Care

The Pet Bistro aims to Revolutionize the pet food industry,  Improve the life of our pets with the power of natural food and Challenge what has been accepted up to this point as best for our pets.

 Real dog food is the key to a long healthy life, so it is vital for owners to pay careful attention to their pets’ diet.

A dogs digestive system is suited to natural fresh meat and vegetables diet, not highly processed food like kibble ( dog biscuits) In fact simply adding fresh food to a dogs diet has helped dogs recover from serious illnesses, improved skin conditions, allergies and resulted in more balanced energy levels. 

New Zealand is witnessing a huge issue with pets suffering the same diseases as humans, diabetes, joint issues, skin issues and cancer.


The Pet Bistro wants to help pet owners in providing our dogs with quality well balanced food.  All of our meals are balanced with vital minerals, vitamins and amino acids your dog needs to stay healthy naturally.

What's In Your Pet's Food?

Powder Fillers?

Would you eat it?

Proberly Not

Would you feed your family a meal made with condemned beef? Or spray the children’s tea with rancid fat collected from a deep-fat fryer?  Serve biscuits made with empty grain hulls swept from a factory floor? Or serve a dry bowl of cornflakes with no milk for every meal? The unpalatable truth is that if you give your dog processed dog food – dried, tinned or in a pouch – you may be feeding them substances that cause them serious, possibly fatal, harm long term. It’s important to know what’s in your pet food.

Your Dog Food Matters

Real Food

Your pet’s food packing may advertise a product that is natural, grain free and premium but did you know these words have no legal meaning?All this means is the manufacturer can charge you more for those little brown balls that are highly processed! Did you know food labelling can be very misleading with claims of what is in your food?  A product that states “made with beef” can actually be as little as 3% beef!

Did you know – soy which is a known allergen to dogs can often be added to your food under the label of Vegetable extract?

Did you know soy, beets (not the red variety) oats and grains are used as fillers, so the manufacturer gets more bang for their buck!

Your Pet's Health Starts At The Bowl

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