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Unique Formulas

The most common mistake pet parents make is feeding their dog dry biscuits for every meal – like you we love our pets and care about their health, we believe our pets deserve only the best,  that is why  our meals are based on what nature intended for them – a diet  based quality cuts of meat, fresh vegetables and fruits.

The Pet Bistro – a  pet meal service that delivers freshly made pet food straight to your door and to stockists near you.

Human Grade Food

Made with real meat no artificial flavours or additives, every meal is created with love and care in a human grade kitchen approved by the pet specialist right here in New Zealand.

Naturopath Approved

All our dog meals come with Sarndra Urwin’s signature of approval - New Zealand's most respected naturopath for over 40 years with talk back shows on Magic Radio Sunday Café.

Nutrition made Simple

Homestyle nutrition backed by nature and made with love. Every dog meal is rich in vitimins and high in proteins with the correct measure of fats and vegies for optimal health.

We Use Nothing But Real Food That Your Dog Will Love

High Protein

the way it should be – big chunks of meat mixed with real vegetables and carefully selected natural herbs just like they foraged for it themselves.

View our video tutorial on how to read your pet food label – it will revolutionize what you decide to feed your best friends

Why raw Dog Food?

Foods you can pronounce

We want you to feed your dog with real food, made with real ingredients that you can see. Ingredients with names you can pronounce, full of fresh meat, seasonal vegetables and fruit, grown right here in New Zealand.

What you'll never find in our food


What you will Always find in our Food

Real food

All meals come with the tick of approval from NZ's most respected Animal Naturopath Sarndra Urwin

Pet food

Reinventing Pet food

Spray Free

Through clever marketing our pets are more often than not being fed a commercial highly processed dog food product that has little natural nutrition: we liken this food to a dry bowl of cornflakes for every meal of your day – it would be pretty boring right?

There is an old saying  “there is more nutrition in the box than in the flake” and that certainly applies to all processed dog biscuits/kibble!

Have you ever wondered about the long list of vitamins at the end of the ingredient list? Without the addition of these synthetic vitamins your dog would have no nutritional benefit.

The Pet Bistro team believe that dogs need more than to simply survive – they need to THRIVE and that is why we designed our  natural unprocessed food  – made of things your dog would have naturally foraged for in the wild.

Raw dog food vs Kibble dog food

A Naturopath View

Sarndra Urwin - New Zealands most respected Animal Naturopath

Does your dog have skin issues or suffer from anxiety, or even have cancer? These are just a few conditions that are directly related to what your dog is being fed – a dogs health starts at the bowl!

Our food has Sarndra Urwin ( and Rowans) tick of approval.


Sarndra Urwin and her best friend Rowan

Healthy, Nutritional, Real Food For Dogs... Made Right Here In NZ

Don’t feed them anything you wouldn’t eat. Feed your loved one a raw healthy diet just like nature attended. That’s why we created The Pet Bistro —  to deliver a freshly made dog food with simple recipes and ingredients , guided by science, and made with love.

Longer Life

it has been statistically proven that dogs fed a diet, consisting of high quality foods versus dogs fed an industrial commercial pet food diet had a life expectancy of 32 months longer – that’s almost 3 years!


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