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Sarndra Urwin, NZ’s most respected Animal Naturopath. Sarndra holds a Diploma with Honors in Natural Animal Health (including Homeopathy, Medical Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition, Chinese & Ayurvedic Medicine, Farm Studies, Bach Flowers, Medical Science, Animal Welfare, Law & Ethics and Animal Behaviour). She also has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnoses, (including NLP), is a Certified Homeobotanical Therapist and holds Certificates in Adult Teaching.

Sarndra was raised on an isolated sheep station and developed a close relationship with the land, plants and animals. Following her overseas nursing, vet nursing (with NZ’s only homeopathic vet) and homeopathic/medical herbalist training she opened NZ’s first Animal Natural Health Centre. Using this experience and nutrition as a key to treatment protocols, Sarndra helped developed our meals using her expert knowledge on pets health and nutrition to guide us.

Sandra has published the “Desktop Guide to the Bach Flowers for Animals”, the first in a series, and is Radio Magics’ Animal Naturopath on talkback.

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Sarndra Urwin - Why The Pet Bistro Dog Food?

Holistic Animal Care

Holistic Animal Care

The greatest crimes against our pets are being perpetuated by the food barons who have successfully convinced veterinarians around the world that the food they produce has NOTHING to do with the soaring rate of illness in our pets.
Digestibility does not top their list of ‘nutritional necessities’.

It has been scientifically proven that the health of our pets starts
with the gut and its collection of bacteria, viruses and fungi, known as the microbiome. When these guys are healthy, they are responsible for everything from nutrient absorption to mental health. Their health and diversity comes directly from the diet.

The Pet Bistro’s fresh, locally-sourced vegetables and unprocessed meats.

Dogs in the wild ate the whole prey, feeding their gut for optimum
health for their survival, ensuring physical, mental and emotional
wellbeing. And what feeds this critically important microbiome to YOUR dog – fibre, found in The Pet Bistro’s fresh, locally-sourced vegetables and unprocessed meats.

That’s why I support this food, No matter what other qualities you want in your dog, his health tops your list.  Why compromise it?

Holistic Animal Care

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NZ’s most respected Animal Naturopath


Sarndra & Rowan

Real dog food is the key to a long healthy life, so it is vital for owners to pay careful attention to their pets’ diet.

A dogs digestive system is suited to natural fresh meat and vegetables diet, not highly processed food like kibble ( dog biscuits) In fact simply adding fresh food to a dogs diet has helped dogs recover from serious illnesses, improved skin conditions, allergies and resulted in more balanced energy levels. 

New Zealand is witnessing a huge issue with pets suffering the same diseases as humans, diabetes, joint issues, skin issues and cancer.

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